Corporate Citizenship Report
Putting Values into Action

At Hallmark, corporate citizenship is the essence of who we are. Our success is founded on enriching lives, not only through the creativity of our products and services, but also through our positive involvement in the communities where we operate.

For over a century, Hallmark has been committed to making our cities and neighborhoods better places to live and work. This commitment has earned us the trust of our customers and business partners and the respect of those who are inspired by Hallmark’s example of civic leadership.

Today, we continue this tradition of caring and responsible corporate citizenship through a variety of initiatives, including those intended to protect the environment, promote healthier lifestyles for employees, and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. We also actively support the many Hallmarkers who volunteer their time and creativity in a host of philanthropic causes.

In this report you will learn a few of the ways our company and its employees have worked together in the past year to make a difference in our communities.

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