Nature's Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin

Nature's Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin

Since childhood, Marjolein Bastin has been observing nature’s little miracles and preserving them on paper in watercolor.

Seeing a world of beauty in the joys of her own garden, Marjolein recreates the beauty and fascination of the world around her for all to share her love of nature. Authentic renderings reflecting her passion for the natural world, vibrant colors and hidden surprises come to life through her very personal artwork.


Wielding her colored pencils and paintbrushes like magic wands, Marjolein Bastin creates her own version of the natural world that comes to life on her line of greeting cards. By showcasing Mother Nature in all of her perfect imperfection, Marjolein creates images of life that are rich with emotion. Special features and embellishments on some of the Nature’s Sketchbook greeting cards bring added dimension to her delicate paintings.

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Nature's Sketchbook stationery and gifts

Stationery and gifts

Bright spring bouquets bloom across gifts and stationery for that special person in your life. Beautiful and functional stationery will inspire you to put your own musings and observations on paper, leave pretty reminders for yourself or others, or write a note to a friend. And our Nature’s Sketchbook gifts will beautifully mark a special occasion or turn an ordinary day into a memory to savor.





Like father, like daughter.

Marjolein Bastin’s father, John Uit den Bogaard, was the author of a popular series of books in the Netherlands about a mischievous vagabond called Swiebertje.


Ecards are the perfect backdrop for Marjolein's artistic interpretations. Sketches that breathe timeless moments, flowers that grow imperceptibly—all her images preserve a love of the natural world. With her passion for art, Marjolein works a kind of magic that allows an observation of nature that’s both fragile and beautiful.

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Congratulations are in order!

In May 2013, Marjolein Bastin was named one of the first ever recipients of the Greeting Card Association’s LOUIE Award for Lifetime Achievement! (She and Mary Englelbreit are the only artists who have received this honor.)

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