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Sweet (and simple) Mother's Day gift ideas

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Easy Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is all about us…right, fellow moms? Well, um, sorta. Sure, we can relax and allow ourselves to be pampered—just as soon as we’ve recognized all the other moms in our lives. Aunts, grandmas, friends…so many people to thank! Here are some sweet (and simple) Mother’s Day gift ideas to keep it easy on yourself this Mother’s Day.

  • Enlist your kids. Have them make a special piece of artwork for Grandma. Send along a frame to match, and you’ve just given her a memorable gift she can display all year long.
  • No need to give a fancy gift to a friend—if she’s as busy as you, chances are she’d be thrilled with something as simple as a gift card for pizza.
  • Customize some party plates with a photo for a special mom in your life—she’ll love the personalized touch. And better yet, she won’t have to do the dishes!
  • Have a favorite picture of your kids? Make it part of a personalized card to send to relatives. Include a frame or a set of magnets to make it displayable long after Mother’s Day is over.
  • Never underestimate the power of a quick little “hi”— post a wish on her Facebook wall or even send a text. She’ll love the surprise of knowing you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day.
  • If Mother’s Day finds you too busy to recognize your friends, no need to do anything fancy. Find a night when you can simply get together to chat, put your feet up and toast each other on what a wonderful job you’re doing!

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