Magic Prints®


How to use your Magic Prints Kit

Step 1

Cover your work surface before starting*. Insert fingers into the Magic Mitt and peel open.



Step 2

Rub the colorless Magic Solution on hands, fingers or feet. Each mitt contains enough solution for two child's handprints. The nontoxic solution is safe for kids and pets.



Step 3

Add your personal touch to the designated area on the Magic Paper. Press firmly, then remove. Watch your colorful print magically appear. Works only on Magic Paper.



Step 4

To clean up, wipe solution off skin with a dry cloth, then wash your hands with soap and water. Remove any residue with vegetable or baby oil.


How Magic Prints work

* PREPARATION AND CARE: Cover your work surface before starting.
   Magic Solution may cause damage to surfaces including finished and
   unfinished wood, rubber, acrylics, vinyl, leather and PVC.

Magic Prints Preservation Tips


Magic Prints Preservation Tips

Like all ink-on-paper products, Magic Prints will fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. To keep your Magic Prints bright and fresh, display them out of direct sunlight. The original Hallmark-created Magic Prints products (frames, journals, etc.) contain special light-resistant elements (such as acrylic inserts) that will help keep your prints from fading due to sun exposure. For longest life, keep your Magic Prints in their original Hallmark frames.

Find one at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store.