Life is good.®

Life is good.®


Life is good believes that life’s little moments and
simple pleasures are what matter the most.

We couldn’t agree more.

Life is good cards at Hallmark


Life is good’s optimistic icon, Jake, loves spending time outdoors. We took a note from nature when designing these cards, using papers made from well-managed forests. Extra-special details like cotton stitching and colorful photography bring the good vibes to life throughout the collection.


The cards feature short but powerful phrases and playful designs that evoke the power of simple pleasures and quiet joys. It’s our hope that each one serves as a brief mental vacation or a celebration of life’s feel-good occasions, like Father’s Day or graduation.

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Life Is Good Stationery

The same fun-loving whimsy of our Life is good greetings can also be found in the accompanying line of stationery. The collection includes blank stationery, thank-yous and just-because notes that let you spread your good vibes in your own unique way. You’ll also find bright, cheerful journals—great for capturing all your happy thoughts and optimistic observations.


Life is good. ® gifts at Hallmark
Life is good Kids Foundation

LIfe is good Kids Foundation

Life is good has raised over $11 million dollars for kids in need to date, principally through Life is good products, Life is good Festivals and community fundraising efforts. Please visit for more details. Do What You Like. Like What You Do.


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Watch the video that started it all.

When Hallmark decided to approach the people at Life is good about teaming up for a line of greetings and stationery, we chose to show, rather than tell, what makes us as individuals stop and reflect on just how good life can be. Set to "It’s All Good," an original song written by our own Bill Gray, this video opened the door to a partnership that is sure to help you share your own good vibes and message of optimism.



Life is good began in 1994 when brothers Bert and John Jacobs printed 48 T-shirts featuring their now famous optimistic icon, Jake, accompanied by the words "Life is good." They set up shop at a local street fair in Cambridge, Massachusetts where the shirts sold out in hours—and a star was born.


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