Special delivery from the Tooth Fairy

Capture the moment with a printable Tooth Fairy certificate and envelope

By Mike Adair
Tooth Fairy Certificate #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Who can turn a lost tooth into a (slightly toothless) smile? The Tooth Fairy can! So the next time she schedules a visit to your house, just download a Tooth Fairy certificate below, print and sprinkle with glitter for an "official" keepsake any kid will love. And don’t forget to print the coordinating tooth envelope. It’s perfect for keeping your child’s tooth safe and secure under the pillow (hint: easy to find) and includes space for the Tooth Fairy to pen a special letter and deposit the appropriate tooth transaction tender.

Want to make the Tooth Fairy's visit even more magical? Check out these Tooth Fairy ideas and traditions and download a printable lost tooth chart.

Tooth Fairy certificates and envelope

Tooth Fairy certificate-green

Green Tooth Fairy Certificate


  Free Tooth Fairy Printables & Envelope #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Tooth Envelope

Mike Adair is an artist at Hallmark and co-creator of hoops&yoyo (he's the voice of hoops). He has assisted the Tooth Fairy on many missions with his own kids. When not flossing or brushing his teeth, Mike likes to draw funny pictures and create fun toys.

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