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Nello Williams, Nov. 2014 Keepsake Ornament Artist

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Nello Williams grew up drawing anytime, anyplace. As a young artist, he started out sculpting the ships and robots from the television program Lost in Space. Once, he saw a scary dungeon set advertised in a comic book, but like most kids, couldn't afford to buy it.
So Nello recreated the toy instead.

Popular culture kept on inspiring Nello's art. In high school, he and a friend made masks of characters from the original Planet of the Apes. Now he keeps up on the latest trends for his creations in Keepsake Ornaments.


Poppy Holidays!

“This is an idea that had been around for a while. The technology was developed for a previous ornament that was a Star Trek™ ornament, The Trouble with Tribbles. Captain Kirk opens an overhead bin and a bunch of Tribbles fall out. We thought we could do the same thing with a popcorn machine. This is the second time it was on my schedule to do, and so we finally did it."

"It’s a vintage theater popcorn machine so you have the kettle that’s turned up like it’s dumping out the popcorn, and you have popcorn dumping out. But we also have a little snowman made out of popcorn balls to add some character."

"This is another in the Nellco unofficial series—a variety of things branded as Nellco. Most of what I’ve done in Nellco have been these vintage-looking appliances. I’ve done radios and refrigerators and washing machines. They’re always done with a hint of Christmas
meets vintage.”

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Poppy Holidays! Keepsake Ornament by Nello Williams
Santa’s Merry Phonograph Keepsake Ornament by Nello Williams
Santa's Merry Phonograph

"This is also a Nellco item. The idea behind this was that this is Santa’s personal phonograph, and since he’s a tinkerer, over the years he’s added to it. So it has sort of a Steampunk feel to it. The other Nellcos that I’ve done have sort of a 50s diner feel, whereas this one is a little earlier feel with the piping and other touches added on.”

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Window Wonderland Keepsake Ornament by Nello Williams
“This is set to "Silver Bells," which talks about Christmas in the city, so this is like the storefront that kids would be looking at as they’re shopping in the city. Again, this is in that vintage, almost diner style like most of the other Nellco stuff. I’ve always liked that golden age of robots and science-fiction look. It was a futuristic look for the time, and as we look back on it, it has that dichotomy of being both vintage and futuristic.”

“There’s artwork in the back of this one created by one of our card artists. There’s also a train and a robot in it that I did for another piece. It’s just fun to give a playful nod to work we’ve done before.”

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Window Wonderland Keepsake Ornament by Nello Williams
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