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Keepsake Ornament Featured Artist Joanne Eschrich

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People started collecting Joanne Eschrich's work when she was in third grade. Of course, the collectors at that time were her classmates. Today, people worldwide collect her work, but her biggest fans are close to home. Her daughters Jamie and Anna are thrilled with what she does. "On a few occasions they've brought my original sculptures along with the finished ornaments to 'show and tell' at their school," says Joanne. "They also love seeing 'Mom' on the back of the ornament boxes at the store."


El Divino Niño Jesús by Joanne Eschrich

"We had the opportunity to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a huge art fair. While there, I saw a small, charming piece depicting The Holy Family with baby Jesus inside a paper star. The colors were similar to a lot of other pieces I saw throughout the Santa Fe area. I actually made the original ornament out of terra cotta clay, but it was too fragile to mold from. So, I created the original for this in wax." 

Available October 2014

El Divino Niño Jesús Keepsake Ornament by Joanne Eschrich
Feliz Navidad Keepsake Ornament by Joanne Eschrich

Feliz Navidad

"When we were in Santa Fe, everywhere we went these Hispanic angels were a big thing. The colors were bright and different from the way we usually do angels. I wanted to address that and truly capture the flavor of it. Angels are so often whitewashed and we wanted to get the colors of the skin and the hair just right. I wanted this one to look like it was made out of terra cotta like the clay and figurines we saw there."

Available October 2014

Angel of Prayer and Angel of Enlightenment

"For the past five years I've been doing an unofficial series of African-American angels. These are also very interesting to me because (like the Hispanic angels) there's a rich culture there to dive into—looking at skin tone and using models (friends of mine here at Hallmark), making a connection with their culture and, once again, seeing how the faith we share is reflected in yet another culture, another perspective."

Available October 2014

Angel of Prayer and Angel of Enlightenment Keepsake Ornaments by Joanne Eschrich
Christmas Angel Keepsake Ornament by Joanne Eschrich

Christmas Angel by Joanne Eschrich

"This is kind of the flipside of the Hispanic angel. I wanted to give it that traditional cherub kind of look—joyful, with the larger wings and a flow about her with the charms of a cross and a heart that's dangling from her waist. I wanted to keep her colors light. I had a lot of fun with her. She kind of reflects my Catholic upbringing. Like the angels I’d see in the churches growing up."

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