Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Artist Terri Steiger
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Terri Steiger

Title: Hallmark Senior Artist
Date started at Hallmark: August 1996
Date started at Keepsakes: January 2003
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Terri comes from an artistic family—several of her siblings have creative jobs or hobbies. Her mother is a quilter and her father likes to build objects (he is currently building a boat). Both parents have always encouraged creative solutions to their children's projects.

While in school, Terri loved to draw and create things. She particularly enjoyed 3-D projects, such as making a miniature replica of a fort and clay models of the human muscular system for a science fair. She went on to graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

After college, she was recruited by Hallmark and became a greeting card designer. A few years later, she decided to freelance, which gave her an opportunity to travel around the U.S. and to take a mission trip to Russia. Missing Hallmark, she returned and eventually worked in almost all the creative areas. She was drawn to Keepsakes because she always liked making 3-D gifts, plus she enjoyed learning something new. A self-described "research junkie," she finds inspiration for her ornaments everywhere.

At home, Terri loves to sew and do art projects with her two adopted daughters from China. Not surprisingly, her favorite ornament is the 2007 Chinese take-out box with the symbol for double happiness on its side and the fortune cookie that says, "What good fortune to have each other!"

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New Home Keepsake Ornament by Terri Steiger
New Home
Available late January 2014 at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores
Terri loves to play with texture—something you can clearly see in this year's "New Home" ornament. Thanks to her attention to detail, the cookie walls and fondant rooftop look good enough to eat. Terri's inspiration came from gingerbread house competitions where professional bakers present an array of candy flourishes. She purposely avoided the use of gumdrops and lollipops to put a sweet and simple spin on the traditional gingerbread house.
A Season of Faith Keepsake Ornament by Terri Steiger
A Season of Faith
Available late January 2014 at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores
As a designer, Terri likes playing with colors and styles that make a statement. Her affinity for porcelain made the choice of materials for this ornament an easy one. "The hole in the middle has a sea-glass-colored bead hanging there. It felt a little like Jesus hanging on the cross. That's how I wanted the word 'Faith' to stand out." 
'Born in Our Hearts" Adoption Keepsake Ornament by Terri Steiger
"Born in Our Hearts" Adoption
Available October 2014 during Ornament Debut at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores
As a parent of two adopted children, Terri wanted to add a Keepsake Ornament to this year's selection that spoke to families like hers. "Born in our hearts" is a common adoption phrase that will resonate with any adoptive family. But the tree holds a particularly special meaning. As Terri puts it, "Adoption is like grafting branches onto a tree. To me, it's final, it's complete." She kept the colors simple with just a touch of glitter so that the design would work well in any home.

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