Interactive Story Buddies


Imagine the look on your child's face if,
while reading from her favorite book,
one of the characters suddenly spoke up.

Interactive Story Buddies gives you a cuddly, huggable reason to make a little extra space
in your lap at storytime: a plush version of the main character that magically
chimes in during key parts of the story.

So many ways to bring Interactive Story Buddies to life.

Check out all the ways kids can play with their favorite huggable characters.



A free book is included with each Interactive Story Buddy, and additional books are available for purchase. Each book unlocks more responses from your buddy.


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Interactive Story Books
CDs and online games for Interactive Story Buddies

Read-along CDs

Our biggest fans have been asking for even more ways to play with their favorite buddies, so we're expanding Interactive Story Buddies' worlds even further. Now, our Story Buddies respond to their new included read-along CDs.

Interactive Story Buddy app image
Some of our Interactive Story Buddies have apps for your iPad®. Your Story Buddy will respond to the narrator on the app, or to your voice as you read the animated story aloud. You can even record your voice, so you can read to your little one with the help of the Interactive Story Buddy, even when you can’t be there.

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Interactive Story Buddy apps
Interactive Story Buddy accessories

Some of our coordinating books come with accessories inspired by the stories to make it even more fun to play along. For instance, Abigail’s latest book, Abigail and the Robin's Eggs, includes a pink vest for her
to wear.


Interactive Story Buddy FAQs
Q. My Story Buddy won’t respond to me. Why?

A. You may be too far away or reading in a loud environment, causing your Buddy not to hear you. Try moving your Story Buddy closer and reading the bolded sentences clearly. Be sure that the on/off switch in the battery compartment is switched to “on.” You may also need to remove the pull-tab from the battery compartment or change the batteries.


Q.  Where can I get more books for my Interactive Story Buddy?

A.  Additional books for Story Buddy characters are available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and on Most Story Buddy characters have at least three books that unlock new magical phrases. Certain characters and books are available at other retailers.


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Interactive Story Buddy FAQs

Find one at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store.


Available to purchase online.


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