Meet hoops&yoyo and piddles!

They started their career in 2003 in a humble
4th of July ecard.

hoops&yoyo, the brainchildren of Hallmark artists Bob Holt and Mike Adair, quickly became
Hallmark celebs, with a growing collection of ecards that skyrocketed to the top
of the send list every year. As their popularity grew, they began popping up
on paper cards, gifts, phone apps and a partridge in a pear tree.
(Okay, ONE of those things isn’t true.) They also have a Facebook page, a website,
an online fan store, and two TV specials (one for Halloween, and one for Christmas).

hoops, the pink kitty

The eternal optimist. Got a problem? He’s got 15 ways to solve it. He just knows everything will work out great in the end—but it may take a few off-the-wall twists and turns to get there.


yoyo, the green bunny

Perhaps a bit more philosophical than Hoops, Yoyo still never thinks twice about helping his buddy put a plan into action no matter how harebrained it seems at the time.



piddles, tbe critter

The ultimate little sister type to hoops&yoyo…in a good way. Piddles is as sweet and level-headed as they come, but her sensible cautions of potential calamity usually fall on deaf ears.



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