Halloween haunts

Bake a spooktacular Halloween gingerbread house...if you dare!

By Bernard Shondell
Halloween Gingerbread House #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Grab your little monsters and go on a haunted house expedition this Halloween—without ever leaving your kitchen. With a few ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, your crew can construct these goose bumps–worthy Halloween gingerbread houses. They may look tricky to craft, but they’re really a treat—to make AND to eat. Download the Halloween gingerbread house patterns and instructions and gingerbread recipe now...and get ready to bring on the boos and ahhs!

How to Make a Halloween Gingerbread House
By day Bernard Shondell is a fancy-pants manager for Hallmark's photography studios. But by night, he's a one-man professional bakery. Bernard baked his first cake in first grade, his first gingerbread house in second grade, and he’s not stopped since.

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