The Crown Rewards program ('Crown Rewards') is conducted by Hallmark Marketing Company, LLC ('Hallmark'). Hallmark reserves the right to alter, limit or modify program rules, regulations, rewards, reward levels and membership levels or to terminate Crown Rewards or membership at any time, at its discretion.

Crown Rewards cards are nontransferable and cannot be used to earn points unless tendered by the named cardholder at the time of purchase. Only one named cardholder is allowed per account. When a purchased item on which points were earned is returned to the place of purchase for any reason, its purchase points will be deducted from the account to which the points were credited. Reward Certificates are valid for six months after date of issue.

Purchases for which points are not earned include but are not limited to gift cards, gift certificates, postage stamps, services, office supplies and pharmaceuticals. Points are not awarded on any tax paid on purchases. 100 Bonus Points with three–card purchase offer is not valid on packaged or boxed cards.

Points themselves are not redeemable. Only Reward Certificates are redeemable. Points will be converted into Reward Certificates once a member has spent at least one hundred dollars ($100.00) or purchased 20 Hallmark-branded greeting cards using his/her Crown Rewards card in Hallmark Gold Crown stores, on or at 1-800-HALLMARK in a given calendar year. When total spending is less than $100.00 and fewer than 20 Hallmark-branded greeting cards are purchased in a given calendar year, any points earned on purchases made during that year shall expire at the end of the year. That member will begin receiving Reward Certificates again when at least $100.00 is spent or 20 Hallmark-branded greeting cards are purchased during a subsequent calendar year.

The $100.00 minimum purchase of paragraph four is not applicable to members until their first full calendar year of enrollment in the program. Any points earned by the member prior to the first full calendar year of enrollment in the program will be carried over to the first full calendar year.

Reward Certificates can be redeemed only for Hallmark–branded products at a U.S. Hallmark Gold Crown store. Reward Certificates can only be redeemed for the exact amount shown on the front of each certificate at time of purchase. No cash value, credit or change will be given. Customer is responsible for any applicable sales tax. Reward Certificates may be combined with other Hallmark Reward Certificates.

Reward Certificates may be combined with other offers. Reward Certificates cannot be sold, reproduced or redeemed for cash. Reward Certificates cannot be used for past purchases, layaway purchases or toward the purchase of Hallmark gift certificates or gift cards.

You must have a U.S. mailing address to participate in the program.

To see Hallmark's current privacy statement, please go to or call 1-800-HALLMARK. To submit your Crown Rewards application by mail or if you have questions about the program, write to: Hallmark Crown Rewards Program P.O. Box 417003, Kansas City, MO 64141-7003.

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