Dear Santa…

Capture Christmas memories with our printable Santa letters and certificate

By Mike Adair
Santa letters

Once upon a time, before we lived our lives on tiny screens, kids of all ages wrote out their Christmas lists using real pens and real paper. Now, we’re more likely to find iPads open to Amazon wish lists. Easier, definitely. But, alas, not a keepsake.

So what better way to capture your kids’ wants and needs, their adorable penmanship and their inmost wishes than to revisit the tradition of the real-life letter to Santa? Just download one of the Santa letters below, print it, and have your child fill it out and send it to the North Pole.

And an added bonus: “Santa” can print out his own “Certificate of Niceness” to give your child on Christmas morning.

Mike Adair is an artist at Hallmark and co-creator of hoops&yoyo (he's the voice of Hoops). He is often called upon to be one of Santa’s helpers—both at home and at work. When he isn’t eating milk and cookies, Mike likes to draw funny pictures and create fun toys.

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