Capture Christmas memories with a time capsule

Tips to commemorate and celebrate each and every year

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Christmas memories time capsule

It’s said that each snowflake is different—unique and special in a way that distinguishes it from all others. We think the same can be said for Christmas memories. Sure, every family has tried and true traditions, but each year, each Christmas, brings a new reason to celebrate, a new year of memories to cherish. That’s why an annual time capsule is a great way to commemorate the little details that make each Christmas a treasure of its own.

Here are some tips to help you create your own Christmas time capsule:

  • Include items that capture the sights, sounds and smells of the season: printed photos, a DVD recording of the Christmas pageant, candlesticks used at dinner, glittery bows and handwritten gift tags, party invitations, ticket stubs from holiday productions, a store’s ad featuring the year’s hottest trends and gifts.
  • Have each family member write a hope or wish for the coming year. It can be big (explore Europe) or small (bake more). Remember to include even the smallest family members (sleep through the night). Store the wishes in a colorful envelope or folder.
  • Be sure to include reminders of the year’s milestones, both major and minor. This could include a kindergartner’s handwritten letter to Santa, luggage tags from a big trip or a lock of hair from a first haircut. The more personal, the better.
  • Your capsule doesn’t have to be fancy. Use any clear storage box with a lid, and mark it with the holiday and year. For extra fun, tie on a tag stating “Do not open ’til Christmas...2030!” (or whichever year your family decides is best. It could be the year of baby’s future graduation or Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary).

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