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We're proud to call Kansas City home

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Kansas City

Home to Hallmark's headquarters, Kansas City, Missouri, is one of America's best-kept secrets—a big, cosmopolitan metro with small-town charm. It's a city with an appetite for great food, great music and good times. The people are friendly, the traffic is tolerable and the surrounding neighborhoods are as appealing as they are distinctive.

"Kansas City is one of those places that's large enough to have a vibrant business community with many head offices, and small enough that personal relationships develop early, and once formed they last a long time."
NPR - National Public Radio
"It's easy to see why Kansas Citians are so proud. It's one of the most livable cities in America."
ELLE DECOR - Elle Decor Magazine
"In the city proper, you'll find world-class museums, a booming arts district, historic buildings and a $3-billion downtown renewal. In the metro area, you get big houses, terrific schools, kid-friendly streets and enough soccer fields to smother Rhode Island. Kansas City takes pride in the first-class collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the wide boulevards, ubiquitous fountains, tangy barbecue, raspy blues and smoky jazz that add up to greatness in this larger-than-life city."
Kiplinger.com - "50 Smart Places to Live" Kiplinger.com

Want to get the most for your money?

When it comes to comparing cost of living, housing opportunity, unemployment rate and average salary with other cities in the nation, Kansas City scored high! Read more about why Kansas City is the #14 bargain city according to Forbes.

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