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Birthstones and birth flowers by month #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Need inspiration for a birthday gift?Giving a gift tailored just for them is as easy as getting inspiration from their birth month. Find a gem of a birthday gift for every month of the year. Use this list of birthstones and birth flowers by month as your guide to buying a personalized birthday gift. It’s great for baby and Mother's Day gift ideas, too.

Month Birthstone Birth Flower
January Garnet Carnation
February Amethyst Violet
March Aquamarine Daffodil
April Diamond Daisy
May Emerald Lily of the Valley
June Pearl Rose
July Ruby Larkspur
August Peridot Gladiolus
September Sapphire Aster
October Opal Marigold
November Topaz Chrysanthemum
December Turquoise Narcissus

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