Be a Part of the Story®

Be a Part of the Story

Ever wish you had a say in what happens in a story?

When you and your little one read our new Be a Part of the Story Interactive Storybooks, you'll have conversations with the main characters that change the reading experience depending on what you say.  Read the highlighted lines aloud, and the main character will chime in with a special question or choice for your little one. When the child answers, the story continues with one of several responses. Each book has more than 30 possibilities, so each time you read the book together it'll feel like a whole new story time experience.

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Our library of titles includes: Mickey's Treasure Hunt, Minnie's Surprise Bow-Nanza, Batman and the Fun House Jewelry Heist, Fancy Nancy and All Aboard!


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Q: What kind of batteries does the book use? Are they replaceable?
A: The book requires three AAA batteries. Each book comes with three batteries already installed. These batteries are replaceable.

Q: How do I turn my book on?
A: Look for the ON/OFF button on the top right corner of the book. Press it once, and your book is ready to go. Press it again to turn the book off and preserve battery life. The book turns off automatically after five minutes of non-use.

Q: Are Be a Part of the Story books recordable?
A: No.

Q: The character doesn’t respond to my child. Why?
A: There are a few things that might prevent the character from responding properly. First, make sure your child waits to answer the character’s question until the character is finished talking. Second, watch your volume—the book has a hard time understanding voices that are too quiet or too loud.



Frequently Asked Questions for Be a Part of the Story Interactive Storybooks
Helpful Hints for Be a Part of the Story Interactive Storybooks

Helpful Hints

  • When asked to locate an object, make sure children don’t just point at the book. They have to speak the answer aloud in order to get an appropriate response from the character. 
  • You do not have to correct or prompt your child’s answers. The book will have a special response for whatever your child says. Just make sure your child answers out loud.
  • You have four seconds to answer the questions before the character will begin speaking again.





listen to that!

There's more to a story than its words, of course. That's why we've also included lots of sound effects and music to make the story's environment really come alive.



Fun Fact

While these storylines are tailored to kids, parents will be amused at the puns we've thrown in just for them.



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