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Take back-to-school pictures like a pro with these tips from the Hallmark Photo Studio

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Back-to-School Picture Tips #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Whether your student is headed to preschool with nervous glee or that final year of high school with an eye roll, you'll only have one chance to capture the first day of school. But don’t stress. Following a few simple tips from the Hallmark Photo Studio will help ensure you capture this special moment perfectly.

Keep those backgrounds simple
Try to shoot in the same location to see how the school or your house changes as your child grows.

If you can, turn off the flash
A flash can make backgrounds too dark or wash out faces.

Avoid the noon hour when shooting outdoors
High sun makes for tough lighting challenges on faces. Instead, take your student into the shade of a tree or large building.

Separate your child from the background
Put distance between your child and the backdrop, and avoid shooting right up against a wall or door.

Get close and fill the frame
Your scholar is the story; so don't be afraid to get in close.

Put that camera phone to good use
Most newer smartphones produce high-quality photos and make it much easier for you to capture memories in the moment. Experiment with apps that give your photos fun effects.

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